Injeanious started way back in 2007, owner Mark Phillips had come from a family of menswear retailers and tailors and after learning his craft from a young age, working in the family business, he wanted to start and develop his own legacy. Mark believes that even despite current trends pushing people to buy online, Injeanious offers a mix of traditional and modern experiences which makes this small shop a destination not to miss.
Mark remembers being a small boy when shirt reps would visit the house showing the latest collections whilst his family choose the newest styles for their 6 stores, he was always looking, watching and learning. One of the biggest challenges is knowing your customers and buying right for them.
Over the last 10 years Injeanious has consistently not stayed on trend but been ahead of the curve. We don’t try to follow and we know exactly what our customers want. We understand that you want to look fashionable and stylish but know your not going to be pushing boundaries beyond your comfort levels!
Its about understanding fabric and fit and making sure your choosing the right pieces for your customers.
We know most men don’t like to shop, the thought of it is not how we want to spend our valuable time. We aim to fill that void, being able to offer an excellent selection at affordable prices.
Going to a department store can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, trying to find what you want, trying to find a staff member who can help can often be a nightmare and my personal favourite picking up some jeans, queueing for the fitting room to find they don’t fit, having to get dressed again, go back out and find another size and then queue again to try them on! This is all a thing of the past, Mark knows his stuff and can often find you the right style, size and fit first time, and even if he cant, give him a yell and he will be passing in an alternative within seconds … making the entire shopping experience a pleasure!
We don’t buy for the season, we receive monthly deliveries, enabling us to react quickly and always have something new and different to show you.
Maybe you have driven past and planned on coming in, maybe your friends tell you about us but you have not yet made it in, maybe your one of our regular loyal customers .. whoever you are, we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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